Näyttely24 presents the graduate works of BA- and MA students in fashion.

The starting point of the works was to consider ecological and social sustainability of fashion and how fashion can function as a creative yet critical way of approaching the world and its people. The works aim to expand the concept and experience of fashion.

Through different expressions of fashion – clothes, accessories, and videos – the exhibition highlighted research behind the works as well as themes that are personally important to the students. These include, among others, body diversity, material exploration, fashion and the everyday, cultural heritage and digital technologies.

In addition, the exhibition presented looks from collections awarded at the Näytös runway show and the prize winner of Näyttely.

All materials used in the exhibition display constructions were recycled wood and metal.

■   (Direction of Näyttely24) ANNAMARI VÄNSKÄ,
Senior University Lecturer, Department of Design.   
■   (Exhibition design) CYRIENNE BUFFET,
MA student in Interior Design, Department of Architecture   
■  (Exhibition assistants) Autuas Ukkonen, Ella Mustaniemi, Melissa Kara,
Departments of Design and Architecture.   
■  (Photography) Paavo Lehtonen.
Espoo City, Marimekko, Fiskars, Konstsamfundet, EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Liike Leasing, BioColor, Aalto Studios, Tuomas Siitonen, Jyri Lahelma, Department of Design.