Colin Yves Meyer


Colin Yves Meyer

Preserving craftsmanship in the age of unsustainable fashion


Meyer’s graduate collection advocates sustainable practices and the preservation of craftsmanship in fashion. Inspired by the enduring elegance of traditional bespoke tailoring, it features garments that defy the seasonal obsolescence typical of contemporary fashion. Meticulously crafted shirts, suits, and coats echo the heritage and attention to detail in bespoke tailoring.


Meyer’s commitment to sustainability is evident in choice of materials and production methods. He uses high-end premium fabrics from renowned European producers, and repurposes dead-stock fabrics such as the merino-cotton blend, to reduce waste, highlighting an economic and cultural shift towards a more sustainable fashion industry.


Integrating digital technologies with traditional tailoring methods, the collection represents a modern reimagining of the bespoke creation cycle. The collection also showcases a collaboration with a Helsinki-based jewelry designer KeskiPomppu, further enriching the narrative of heritage and modernity. A significant portion of the collection is produced in Switzerland, reflecting Meyer’s commitment to sustaining the rich tradition of Swiss tailoring craftsmanship, where he learned his craft.

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