Julia Puustinen


Julia Puustinen 

When Will I Turn into a Yellow Butterfly Dandelion?


Julia Puustinen’s collection is based on a fictional story on childhood, reflecting on things that are real memories and others that are imagined, coloured by nostalgia created by an adult’s mind. For the designer stories are an opportunity to create mental images, feelings, experiences and memories. Through them, individuals can reflect on their current capacity to sense and feel.


The clothes are made of soft materials, such as knitwear, silk and fabrics that flow well. In the accessories, the designer breaks softness with harder materials such as leather. In the jewellery, Puustinen uses glass designed specifically for the collection.


Even though my soul wants to mirror the rawness and dark tones of life, my eyes adore the clarity of aesthetics, naivety, simplicity and brightness. I feel that the intersection of these two perspectives enables the reflection of some deeper feeling in my work, in some very clear and pure form of expression, the designer explains.

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