Vanamo Korell


Vanamo Korell 

Death Nest – Giving New Life to Clothes


The Finnish word “kuolinpesä”, “estate”, literally translates into “Death Nest” in English. The literal translation carries connotations that encapsulate the intricate process of estate cleanout. Despite its seemingly mundane nature, this task holds profound significance especially for those who have encountered death within their close familial circles. Estate cleanouts are also among the primary catalysts for people discarding clothing. Deaths and the ensuing estate cleanouts in VanamoKorell’s own family ignited her inspiration for her graduate collection.


The collection delves into the archetypal clothes of an elderly woman’s wardrobe, breathing new life into items typically deemed disposable. Garments such as aged wedding dresses, two-part suit ensembles, weathered leather motorcycle suits, denim jeans, or cocktail dresses often meet an ignominious fate, cast aside as obsolete relics devoid of utility, value, or contemporary appeal. Korell, however, sought to imbue these ostensibly outdated articles with renewed significance, infusing them with an empowering narrative that accentuates their latent sentimental worth.


At the core of Korell’s artistic ethos also lies a commitment to repurposing discarded textiles sourced exclusively from flea markets. Employing techniques of deconstruction and reconstruction, she meticulously crafts her garments from a mosaic of materials, ranging from distressed denim and sumptuous silk to broken-down leather.


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