Sohvi Väänänen


Sohvi Väänänen’s MA collection utilises performance art and its’ methods in a fashion design process. The motivation behind the collection is in creating personal connection between the maker and the model, finding ways to be more present in the current moment as well as creating new ways of generating ideas in a fashion design context.


The graduate collection consists of five looks from which each garment in the collection is created in improvised sessions with another person by manipulating material and draping it on a live body. The base of the sessions is a self-invented two stage pattern cutting method which’s aim is to create experiences with the other person rather than purchasable products. As a result, the collection is pieced together from garments created in separate sessions. The designer was intrigued by the methodology of performance art, because of its characteristics of liveness and usage of the body as a tool as well as material. The body as well as its’ movement is a reoccurring source of inspiration in their work.


The inspiration behind the material choices was appreciating the ordinary things we already have; the mundane materials found in our domestic environments such as metal, plastic and paper. To support the collection accessories depicting replicas of the body were created from silver plated bronze which represent gestures of positive body language between people.

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