Risto Kirjonen


Fashion BA student Risto Kirjonen’s graduate collectionis is inspired by the functional and beautiful clothing of the 1920s mountaineers. The collection, consisting of six pieces, features taped seams and water-resistant materials combined with natural merino knits, making it both practical and fashionable for both outdoor and the city.


The collection is designed to play with the idea of functional and non-functional clothing, while still staying true to the art of garment making. Finding the border in a way. Each piece in the collection is carefully crafted with functionality in mind, while also featuring unique elements that make them stand out from traditional hiking clothes and form a beautiful set.


– I am interested in transforming something old into something new as well as in chasing the border of functional and non-functional clothing. I wanted to create a collection that was both functional and still lifting up my skills within the contemporary fashion. The inspiration for this collection came from my love of the outdoors and my passion for fashion that is made for reason, Kirjonen explains.


As a young designer, Risto Kirjonen was inspired by the ruggedness and practicality of mountaineering clothing from the early 1900s. By combining this inspiration with modern design elements, he has created a collection that is both practical and contemporary.


The six-piece collection includes a variety of pieces, from pants and jackets to backpacks and accessories. Top of all there is a wearable tent with beautiful silhouette especially in the movement.

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