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My kind of etiquette


My kind of etiquette is a collection about finding one’s most enjoyable way of working. It is about finding one’s place in the world of traditional western menswear and thinking about it in the present. It is about creating an etiquette based on personal preferences.


The design process relies heavily on self-reflection on the matters of what feels good and what doesn’t. It especially relies on the ways of incorporating hand sewing and other timely ways of working into the garments. It is about finding the balance between things that make a garment.


– I don’t want my clothes to look like they are made in a factory, Palmunen explains and continues that in the contemporary world of fashion, crafts-based methods should be more appreciated and valued.


The collection has many references to historical garments from the beginning of the 20th century all the way to the 18th century. Drawing from and fusing together the styles and garments of the upper class and the working class, Palmunen wants to showcase the rich history of western menswear and to bring some of it to the modern day.


– I have always thought that to break the rules you must know them first, and the difference between knowing and understanding falls down to the same principle. There is a big difference between knowing and understanding and without comprehension the references lack depth.


Alongside a knowledge-driven mentality, Palmunen also emphasises craftmanship – and designing as you go. In fact, the whole collection is made without using prototypes. Their absence enables the showing of parts of the creative process in the finished garments that otherwise would go unnoticed. It also makes visible the creative problem-solving methods that cannot be achieved in any other way.


– In my opinion the true essence of craftmanship only comes out when the fit or the structure of a garment doesn’t work, and you simply have to solve the problem right then and there.


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