Oliver Saarinen


Oliver Saarinen is a Helsinki-based fashion designer with background in men’s tailoring. The relationship with garments and its bearer has always been an important aspect and inspiration in Saarinen’s work which can be seen throughout the collection in big volumes, detailing and the whole presence of the clothes.


– I really feel clothes and the people wearing them create a relationship that takes the whole idea of design to a new level, Saarinen says.


Saarinen’s collection studies and interpreters the silhouette of the body and garment in playful, experimental, and explicit techniques that root back to his studies as a tailor and as an apprentice.


– I´m always looking for new ways to express how I feel and see the world. Right now, creating clothes is the most important and interesting way to do it.


Since early age living in Helsinki city center has taught Saarinen to observe the surrounding world and see underneath the surface, especially in shapes, moods and stories people behold.


– I want my garments to excite and give joy to people. That is something that the world really needs right now.

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