Aki Nummela


– HEAVY MEAT LOVER is a collection of six unique looks that I have designed and put together through an emphasis on observation. The frenetic bimboesque characters I’ve brought to life are a direct result of my fascination with counterculture figures from New Queer Cinema movement and 90s industrial music, Aki Nummela explains.


The collection builds on creating new meanings for traditional classic garments and textiles by investigating the aesthetic and tactile elements of my research. I have achieved these elements by utilizing different techniques I’ve learned throughout my studies by exaggerating bodily proportions and by replicating jagged surfaces and textures that exist in a corroded and nebulous territory I have constructed based on my research.


Essential techniques in the collection include industrial machine knitting, working with heavy leather, digital printing and aging different materials.


– I’ve substituted intended usages for different objects by finding ways to accessorize them, such as tires and metal scrap.

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