Niilo Tervevuori


From handmade and hand dyed materials to hand sewn pieces, Niilo Tervevuori’s collection displays the touch of the human hand in its rawest form. Tervevuori has not used any industrial clothing making methods but instead constructed the garments by applying and developing craft techniques. This has allowed him not to conform to the confines and restrictions of the modern industry.


– A garment’s purpose is to contort to its wearer, leading to its eventual and inevitable destruction. Clothing is meant to be repaired when damaged, which in turn imbues the garment with added value, character, and depth, Tervevuori explains.


The collection takes a stand to the ubiquitous and unquestioned overconsumption fueled by the availability and omnipresence of fast fashion. This collection seeks to inspire people to embrace the beauty of artisanship and craftsmanship.


– Each handmade garment and its details provide a visual narrative which reflects the mind of the maker; vulnerability, passion, and a total surrender to the craft: these tell the story of the craftsman.


Shoes of the collection are handmade by Niklas Järvi.

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