Neža Simčič


Craft as Couture


In her graduate collection, Neža Simčič explores the intricate relationship between cultural sustainability, global Western influence on fashion, and the gradual erosion of traditional textile crafts, with a particular focus on her home country, Slovenia.


The collection aims to underscore the value of preserving traditional crafts not only as a counterbalance to fast fashion but also as a means to bolster cultural diversity, inclusiveness, and community ties.


The garments draw inspiration from Slovenian craft heritage, particularly the ancient tradition of woodenware and basketry, seamlessly integrating these techniques into a modern design context.


– More than anything, I felt the need to express the ideas and culture of a small nation, which has previously been oppressed and overlooked, Simčič says.


Hailing from a background where fashion was not deeply rooted in the culture, Simčič’s first encounters with the artform were through crafts. In this traditional context, couture fashion seemed like an unattainable realm. However, more than anything, she felt a profound need to express the ideas and culture of a small nation, one that was often oppressed and overlooked.


By using craft in the guise of couture, she expresses these ideas. It is a celebration of the idea that one can feel at home even when they don’t feel at home, carrying their ‘cultural passport’ with them through the preservation and reinterpretation of traditional techniques.


– I’ve always admired the high levels of craftsmanship in couture fashion, but it seemed like an unattainable world, detached from my roots and upbringing.


Simčič’s wish was to create a full circle with the collection, recalling her very first encounters with the world of fashion and textiles when her grandmother handed her knitting needles.


– At that time, the outcome was not as important as perfecting the technique. The hands narrated the work through craftsmanship, and the same notion guided me throughout the design process this time. In a way, I was trying to capture the feeling and warmth of home that I could carry with me wherever I go. You feel at home when you don’t feel at home.


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