Kuutti Lemmetyinen


It is not a dog by watching the fur

(ei ole koiraa karvoihin katsominen)


Kuutti Lemmetyinen

BA Fashion graduate collection



“Is it a piece of garment if it’s just fabric wrapped around the body?”


– Kuutti Lemmetyinen



Kuutti Lemmetyinen has worked on his BA collection by researching the idea of the garment, what it hides and how it makes different surfaces and layers. The core question has been the study of the boundaries of a garment, what it is and what it is not. What makes garment a garment?


– I have tried to get into the structures and shapes to reveal and also cover what lies underneath the garment, so pretty much just the main point of making clothing, like peeling a fruit, Lemmetyinen explains.


The contrast between materials – glamorous or crummy, antique or brand-new – is also one of the cornerstones of the collection. Each material lives in a world of its own.


Most common working method is to mislead, work on the garment’s inside to make a shell for the body. Creating shapes with different supporting structures and draping. Using techniques such as felting and folding instead of sewing and having hidden corsets to hang the curtain over the body. Studying the garment from different visual angles and playing hide and seek with it.

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