Enni Lähderinne


Otherwordly Bodies


Drawing from her personal journey as a wearer of medical support braces during her formative years, Enni Lähderinne’s graduate collection seeks to unveil the embodied experiences inherent in the connection between the garment and the wearer – an endeavor to tangibly visualize the profound synergy between the two.


Central to Lähderinne’s vision is a zero-waste pattern system meticulously crafted during her master’s studies, unveiling the delicate equilibrium between the body’s form and the garments it adorns. Each movement, each breath imprints upon the fabric, shaping not only the clothes but also the very essence of the surrounding space.


– I aimed to illustrate the depth of connection and self-awareness that emerges when an additional layer exists between oneself and clothing, ultimately transforming every experience. These garments imbue impressions upon the skin, serving as tangible reminders – a fleeting yet indelible imprint of embodied sensations, Lähderinne says.


Lähderinne selected materials and shapes meticulously. She is especially fascinated by how fabrics retain the memory of the body’s touch. For her, garments acquire significance when they bear the imprint of the wearer’s body.


– The essence of my collection centers on the recognition that the body imparts an enduring mark upon the clothes it adorns, imbuing them with both meaning and form. Just as clothing functions as a mirror reflecting the self, it also serves as a canvas upon which our identity is molded.


This is further stressed by Lähderinne’s knitwear. It is crafted from monofilament which challenges the conventional notions of softness while seamlessly integrating the garments with the body.


– It is a fusion inspired by the imprints left by medical braces on the skin, Lähderinne explains.


Rooted in personal encounters with Scheuermann’s disease, a condition involving an abnormal, excessive curvature of the spine, and the embrace of a medical brace designed to cure it, Lähderinne’s work challenges traditional fashion analysis, which often overlooks the experiential and embodied dimensions of dress. By extending the boundaries of the body through the fusion of knitwear and denim, her designs offer a transformative experience – a delicate armor that both shields and reveals, empowering the wearer to command the gaze upon them and reclaim agency over their narrative.


The collection also includes garment-size jewelry which Lähderinne designed in collaboration with her father, who shares the same condition as the designer.


– The jewelry not only encapsulates the essence of the medical brace and Scheuermann’s disease but also serves as a tangible expression of a shared journey with my father.  The jewelry represents a meaningful collaboration that has empowered and strengthened us both.


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