Ema Uršič


Crafting Identities


In her graduate collection, Ema Uršič explores the themes of identity and belonging, especially how the intersection of personal history and cultural heritage narrates one’s design process. The longing for belonging has drawn Uršič to reconsider what it means to be defined by the place and people such as family and nationality. Inspired by the nostalgic journey into her Slovenian roots, the designer explains,


– When I was little, I experimented with adapting my parents’ clothes. In my thesis project I am reflecting on what it means to be a designer and how our personal history shapes our design decisions.


Central to the collection is the manipulation of shape and proportion, echoing Uršič’s childhood memories of play and adaptation of oversized garments borrowed from her parents’ closet. This playful yet poignant approach transforms familiar forms into new expressions of fit and function.


The embodied knowledge in Uršič’s work extends beyond shaping garments; it profoundly influences the textile creation process. Inspired by a deep sense of nostalgia and cherished artifacts, she delves into the realms of knitting and printing to bring her textiles to life.


– My collection is marked by a meticulous handwork approach, essential for infusing each piece of fabric with stories and memories. Through this intimate engagement with the material, I craft textiles that are not merely decorative but are imbued with the essence of her past experiences.


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