Apollo Da Costa Dória


Trust the Process, Believe in the Process, and Let It Be Seen

In Crust We Trust.


Creating a collection without prototypes. To Apollo da Costa Dória, the process feels more important than the end result. It is the journey that brings the adrenaline and joy instead of reaching the final destination. To them, there is no final destination.


– In real life there is no prototype, we are born into this world facing its raw reality. We carry everything that the journey of life brings with us. It gives and it takes. Time becomes history, moments become memories, wounds become scars, and we all carry them with us. As we adapt and change, the essence of time will always be visible. Maintaining the beginning of where everything started, they explain.


Studded leather jacket, grandpa’s old army boots and ripped jeans, -30°C in Central Finland, Jyväskylä. Clothes too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, yet nothing is more important than opposing society’s restrictive norms. Just like their mother, da Costa Dória is truly punk at heart.


– Our teenage self is the soul and foundation of our being, which shapes our adult selves. The inner child lives forever within us.


Going back to da Costa Dória’s younger self, when exploring their punk identity, punk has always been a safe space of acceptance, a chosen family, where gender, ethnicity, or sexuality did not matter.


Approach the design as a musician. Just as their thought process, da Costa Dória’s thesis and collection consists of poetry and song lyrics. To them, inspiration comes from a world of sounds and emotions, it is the music together with a strong belief in intuition.


DIY-philosophy and sustainable choices. Texture as a pattern and of course noise. Timeless aesthetics, creating pieces which last eternally, yet holding dearly on to them like on the sweater knitted by grandma.


Disrupt. Distress. Inhale and exhale. No stress.


Think less – do more. There are no mistakes. Hold on to it and trust.


Helvetin Hyvin Menee.


Contact information:

Apollo da Costa Dória


+358 406875139


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