Idaliina Friman is the winner of the Designers’ Nest competition


Aalto University’s bachelor student in Fashion Design Idaliina Friman impressed the jury with her visually striking silhouettes, accomplished tailoring, an elegant grasp of historic references and use of recycled materials.

This year, in addition to Friman, Aalto University’s MA student of Fashion Design Ines Kalliala and Elina Äärelä, who has just graduated with a master’s degree, as well as BA student Arttu Åfeldt reached the final, all of whom received recognition in the competition. The second prize went to Åfeldt: has been selected for the internship at Bottega Veneta in Milan. Åfeldt’s impressive and technically advanced collection was inspired by waterproof material, video games and school uniforms.

Since 2005 Aalto University fashion students have been successful in the Designers’ Nest competition. Last year Milka Seppänen won the first prize and in 2019 Henna Lampinen and Tuuli-Tytti Koivula won the first and second place in the competition.