Designers’ Nest 2022 Finalist

from Aalto University


Designers nest is an organisation that is incubating talent by showcasing and supporting the best fashion graduates from the Nordic Region. Four of our Aalto Fashion students secure a place in top ten finalists list for Designers’ Nest 2022.

Part of Designers’ Nest 2022 Finalists from Aalto Fashion : 

Leevi Ikäheimo, Elina Heilainen, Joona Rautiainen, Boram Yoo.

Leevi Ilkäheimo 

BA – Graduate of Aalto University created a series of looks, each resembling different characters and avatars with distorted silhouettes and bright colours. Despite its radical and satirical appearance, the collection highlights the value of handcrafts – both traditional and contemporary.

Elina Heilainen

Aalto University student Elina Heilainen has taken cues from the philosophical writings of thoreau and the wandering movement, wandervögel, and combined them with style inspiration from Renaissance garments and out wear aesthetics.

Boram Yoo

MA – Graduate of Aalto University, Boram Yoo has explored the history of the forced labour uniform in korea. One of the staple garments worn by Korean elderly women are trousers with eccentric floral prints, which were originally black attire used in forced labour in the colonial era.

Joona Rautiainen

MA – Graduate of Aalto University, Joona has created a collection of sensual male silhouettes inspired by Herb Ritta’s photography and Giorgio Armani’s unstructured suits. The work merges traditional sartorial practices and tailoring with a softer and flowy masculinity through a combination of leather and draping.

Outfits by Elina Heilainen, Leevi Ikäheim, Boram Yoo, Joona Rautiainen.
Images by Sofia Okkonen.